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Educonnect is a partner company of Islanders Education, the largest private education provider in the Republic of Maldives.


Islanders Education is a subsidiary of Islanders Group, founded back in 1980 by the Group’s Chairman Mr. Abdul Rasheed. Islanders Group is involved in multiple areas of business in the Maldives and in neighbouring Sri Lanka. The group entered the education sector in 2008, with the formation of Islanders Education Private Limited.

Today, being the largest private educator in Maldives, Islanders Education is notable for being the first to open an international school in the two most populous islands in the Maldives – the capital island of Malé, and Addu island. Since then the company has opened international schools in the islands of Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvahmulah island and Gaa Dhaal Atoll Thinadhoo island.

Islanders Education schools currently offers education to students from over 27 different nationalities and is the largest employer of full time foreign and local teachers by a private company in the Maldives.

Islanders Education has been successful in securing three public-private partnerships in the education sector initiated by the Government of Maldives since 2008. In 2008, Islanders Education was selected as the successful partner to operate Billabong High International School at EPS Campus building.

Later in 2018, Islanders Education won the successful bid by the Ministry of Education Maldives to operate an international school at EPS Campus building for a period of 25 years. Proving to be a testament to the role the company has played in revolutionizing the educational landscape of the Maldives over the past 10 years.

In 2012, Malé City Council together with the Ministry of Education Maldives and the Ministry of Housing & Infrastructure Maldives, awarded the Ameer Ahmed Development Project to Islanders Education.

The project is one of the largest private sector investments in education in the capital Malé. It includes the development of a two-storey community preschool – Ameer Ahmed Community Preschool; four-storey international preschool – Kangaroo Kids International Preschool; 10-storey international primary school – Billabong High International School Dream Campus; and a 10-storey teacher training institute.

Islanders Education has completed the first two-phases of this project, ahead of the deadline schedule and expects to complete the remaining two-phases of the project by the end of 2020.

Islanders Education is also a founding member of The Foundation for a Better Future. A non-profit non-partisan foundation established to improve the quality of life and access to good education across the country.

As part of the company’s CSR initiative, Islanders Education in collaboration with the Foundation currently operates five Iqra International Preschool under franchise agreements in the Maldives. Iqra International Preschools were initiated with the vision to facilitate and transform the current preschools that exist in the islands outside of capital Malé to an international standard in providing preschool education. In its bid to improve the quality of education across Maldives, Islanders Education together with the Foundation also organizes the largest education symposium in Maldives named Enovate Education Symposium, which is held every year since 2015.

Under the guidance and leadership of Islanders Education’s Executive Director and Managing Director of Educonnect, Mr. Ahmed Adhly Rasheed; Educonnect Maldives looks to embark and continuing the legacy of revolutionising the educational landscape set by Islanders Education over the past decade.

In February 2018, Educonnect Private Limited signed an agreement with EduCluster Finland to open Asia’s first Finland International School in the Maldives.