Malé, which has a total area of just 5.8 square kilometre is the capital of the country.


It is the centre of administration and the hub of trade and commerce with more than 150,000 people living in the capital.


BUSINESS and commercial HOURS

The working week in Maldives begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being weekends.


Government offices are open from 0800hrs to 1400hrs and the private sector mainly from 0900hrs to 1700hrs. Most offices in the private sector open for business on Saturdays.

Shops are open from 9am to 10pm and tend to be closed for 15-30 minutes for the prayer times. On Fridays some shops are open in the morning till 10am, and most will only open after 2pm after the Friday prayers.



Mobile telephone services in the country are offered by Ooredoo Maldives and Dhiraagu Telecom with 4G connection available within many parts of the country and strong signal throughout - even while at sea.

Internet services are provided in the country by Dhiraagu Telecom, Ooredoo Maldives and Raajje Online. The average fixed broadband download speed is 12.52Mbps. A wide-range of internet packages are available from all providers.

Postal services are quite efficient, with mail to overseas destinations delivered promptly. A high-speed Express Mail Service (EMS) is available to many countries from the Post Office building in Male'. Parcel rates can be quite expensive and will have to clear customs at the main post office.



Shopping is at the frenetic heart of the Malé experience, and sometimes it seems as if locals do nothing else – a walk down Majeedee Magu, the city’s main avenue and shopping street, will reveal an endless parade of clothes, shoes and bag shops.

Small convenience stores at every block offers basically everything needed for daily groceries. Though more variety is available in the larger grocery shops such as Fantasy, Agora, Red Wave and STO Supermarket.

Wide range of clothing, electronic and speciality shops are available through out Malé.



One thing Maldivian's do best is getting together for coffee. Most streets in the capital Malé are filled with different range of coffee shops, serving pastries and quick dishes. Various bakeries provide delight for your sweet-tooth also.

A wide range of international and western cuisine food and restaurants are available. Many restaurants serve a wide range of Indian and Sri Lankan dishes also.

Some international brands, including Pizza Hut and Secret Recipe recently opened in Malé to join the eating-out frenzy. Most restaurants and pizza deliveries provide food delivery anywhere within Malé within an hour.

Alcohol and pork is prohibited and will only be served to tourists at resorts.



Known for its sun, sand and sea - a wide range of activities is available for you to engage in during your leisure time and weekends.

Diving, snorkelling, water sports to simple island strolls are easily accessible via quick ferries and speedboats to nearby islands in and around the capital Malé.

For extended public holidays, enjoy trips to various inhabited islands with wide range of boutique guest houses where you can still enjoy the fine luxury of the sun, sand and sea for around USD 80-120 (65-97 Euros) on bed & breakfast basis.

Another favourite local pastime is Night Fishing, where you can enjoy the calm seas while reeling-in fresh fish. Several good spots for fishing is available in and around Malé within just an hours boat ride.



​As with many other places in the world, Maldivians enjoy their full dose of entertainment mostly via various TV channels available. Malé has no nightclubs but couples and families enjoy evening strolls and rides around the outer road of the capital as the sun sets.


Maldivians are passionate about football, you can catch a glimpse of the local football league matches at the National Football Stadium . The supporters come in strong numbers when the national team players. For any football fan, coming in to watch a game is sure to be treat.


Theatres and musical performances are rare but few tend to be organised annually. You can catch some of the recent blockbusters in Schwack Cinema located in Malé and Hulhumale.



The hustle and bustle of of Male' streets is an amaze itself with so much people rushing here and there in such a small area.

Motorcycle is the fastest way to get around within the capital. Walking is still the best, and would only take 30-40 minutes to walk from one-end to the other end of the capital.

The numerous taxis in the city offer cool, air-conditioned comfort and a driver (who can usually find any address in Male' just by name). You can hail one on the street.


Transportation to nearby islands are accessible through regular boat ferry's and speedboats. For islands lying further away, a domestic plane can be taken to various domestic airports or a seaplane is available to selected resort islands.